International Women's Day 2024

Meet some of the incredibly intelligent and fascinating women that are crucial to the COGS Community!

International Women's Day 2024
Chantelle, Nima, Kitty, and Jordan - Some of the COGS Executive Team

Today is a day to celebrate all the wonderful women in the COGS Society and in the broader COGS Community. We are incredibly lucky to have these brilliant world-changing women as leaders, friends, researchers, and peers in our midst. Our community would not exist without them.

Please enjoy some wonderful insight into these amazing peoples - pillars of the COGS Community and beyond!

💜 CHANTELLE: “With a large proportion of our cogs academics and students being women, I feel fortunate that being a female in the CBS degree is not something I often think about. 

Being surrounded by a powerhouse of strong, high-calibre, enthusiastic, curious and courageous women has given me the confidence to pursue a career as a woman in STEM. I’ve been mentored by altruistic, driven, successful female scientists and leaders in the CBS degree that I aspire to be like, who’ve created opportunities for me to thrive and have had a long-lasting impact in helping me discover and achieve my professional aspirations. 

Paying this forward and ignited by Kamala Harris’ words, “I want young women and girls to know… you are powerful… your voice matters”, I’m inspired to be a role model for women that I hope will increase the diversity of thought in Australian STEM.”

💜 TEGAN: “I never thought I’d ever say this but here goes… Science is cool! Our brains are amazing and super fascinating.

Studying the Bachelor of Cognitive and Brain Sciences has given me the opportunity to learn from and alongside some amazing female Cognitive Scientists.

It’s inspiring to learn from women who have built successful careers in their chosen fields. Also my fellow female students, from all different backgrounds and life stages, are such wonderful, talented and supportive individuals. I know there’s an exciting future ahead for Cognitive Science.

Women in Science - we’re here and we are COMING!”

💜🐭 MADDY: “To me, being a woman in STEM is so much more than a title, right or privilege. 

Being a woman in STEM is honouring the work of woman in the past to ensure that future woman have the same opportunities as I do to excel in the field. It means I have the capabilities to show there are NO limits in what a woman can do or what we are ‘supposed to do’. 

It means showcasing my talents to demonstrate I CAN achieve anything.”

💜 SHERRIE: Even just on a personal level, knowing the inner workings of my brain and nervous system garners a deeper understanding of myself and makes me more effective in life.

What’s next on your path, Sherrie? 🐞💃🏻

💜 KITTY: “It feels badass to be able to call myself a woman in STEM, let alone a researcher in cognitive science. From my undergrad all the way to my PhD, not ONCE did I feel like being a woman could stop me from achieving my dreams. If anything, it was the womanhood I felt in the cognitive and brain sciences degree that kept driving me forward. How beautiful is it to be studying the brain alongside so many successful, intelligent and motivated female professors, peers and students? 

Because of them, it was easy to find a role model. Now that I’m a teacher and researcher, I want people to be able to look at me and think “that is what a scientist looks like.”

For all the women choosing to pursue a career in science, I want you to know that it is YOU who defines what being a scientist is.”

🧠 ANINA: “I absolutely love that I’ve played a pivotal role in developing the Bachelor of Cognitive & Brain Sciences, where I’ve been able to demonstrate that women can thrive in cognitive neuroscience! I am really delighted that my research group attracts so many smart wonderful women to come and do research with me – it’s an honour to be their chosen mentor”

For more incredible women in the COGS Community, follow along in the social channels and come to events to meet these shining people in person.