COGS Updates - Merch, Events & Degree Changes

This is the April update from the COGS Society. Hoodie Pre-Orders are live new trivia events and a town hall meeting about the degree changes are coming up.

COGS Updates - Merch, Events & Degree Changes

Hi Super Synapses,

I hope everyone has settled into the new year and semester smoothly. I can't believe we are already back from the break, and it's the end of April!

Exciting updates from us!
Our online store is now live and accepting pre-orders for the COGS 2024 Hoodies. We have a new design, style and colour range! Check out the styles below, and grab some discounted bundles to celebrate the launch! Pre-orders close May 4 at 5 pm!

We are thrilled to announce a joint trivia event! We've partnered with other student groups from the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences.

FMHHS * FSE Trivia - Thursday, May 9 @ 6 pm RSVP

Some eagle-eyed people have also noticed the new website we have set up. We are still transitioning, so it's a little bare-bones. If you have a story, exciting research, or a blog post, please email us at We'd love to have some guest authors and featured articles.

The new website also allows us to create and send newsletters; make sure to sign in and join up to stay in the loop 🧠⚡

Finally, most of you know the recent changes to the Cognitive & Brain Sciences Bachelor Degree. From S2 2024, the Faculty is no longer accepting enrolments into the course. Those currently enrolled can still complete the course. However, as active and passionate students, we are surprised at this decision and have organised a town hall meeting with the faculty staff on Wednesday, May 1st, at 1 p.m in the Hearing Hub. This meeting is to discuss the changes and their impact and ask any lingering questions that remain unanswered.

The Course Representatives are collecting responses to present questions and concerns to the faculty at the meeting; if you can attend or would like your questions passed on, please complete the following survey. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us, although academic questions should be sent to the Faculty.

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Hoodie Gallery!

Please note any purchases made are for collection on campus only!